Treasurer, VOPAK

My name is Jan Willem Opschoor, also known as J.W. I am 48 years old and was born and raised in Rotterdam, where I met my wife and where we still live with our youngest son. Also, we have two college sons in Utrecht.

After my studies and military service, I worked at IT Vopak (then Van Ommeren) in the late 1980s. This company has been a leader in independent tank storage. It operates from more than 30 countries.

Within the IT department, I have almost had all possible positions in the field of software development - from junior programmer to manager. But, in recent years I've focused on integration and application architecture issues.

Since 2002 we use webMethods software for both Business-to-Business Integrations as for Enterprise Applications Integrations. Given our cloud strategy, at this time we mainly focus on the latter.

My motto is obviously "not words, but deeds", but hey, what do you expect from a real Rotterdammer.

With pleasure I am acting as a treasurer within the Dutch webMethods User Group, and sharing along with my fellow directors of DmWUG my knowledge, capacity and experience to all webMethods users.